NEW Interview! Backstory of the Poem "ARTERIAL DISCOMBOBULATION" by Juliet Cook

"...Was that a bodily tremor or
a body bag streamer?"
Juliet Cook is delighted to be included in Chris Rice Cooper's Backstory of the Poem, which focuses on one specific poem and how the poet wrote that specific poem.
Cook's poem focused on is "Arterial Discombobulation".


NEW in The Rising Phoenix Review - "Signs of the New Sun God" by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook

"The dead snake skin came back to life and bit me.
It wasn’t a poisonous weapon. It was a form
of unique reconstructive surgery
created by my own mind
or someone else’s."
from the poem "Signs of the New Sun God", by Juliet Cook and  j/j hastain, in The Rising Phoenix Review 


A NEW Review of the Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "Paloma" by Jennifer E. Hudgens at Swimming With Elephants Publications!

"With each poem thereafter comes a chapter of both closure and reawakening old memories; Paloma is remarkably bittersweet in the tug-of-war of saying goodbye to somebody who can no longer hear you, and Hudgens’ voice is so clear and combative against adhering to traditional standards... it is clear that Hudgens proves to be anything but a traditional poet; she rocks the reader’s thoughts, with gruesome details suggesting unkempt murder, encouraging one to further unravel the mayhem behind a sudden loss. Nonetheless, this proves to be a beautiful read, a true work of dedication and memory"
part of a wonderful new review of the Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "Paloma" by Jennifer E. Hudgens which appeared in a Featured Author section of SWIMMING WITH ELEPHANTS last month.


More Blood Pudding Press chapbooks heading out into the world...

Today I mailed hand-designed copies of the four most recent Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbooks to the Poets House Showcase (the 26th annual Showcase opens on Thursday, June 28, 2018 and the exhibit will be on view through August 18.  ) - and I also mailed review copies of the recent chapbooks to Galatea Resurrects (from which anyone who would like to receive a review copy of a specific Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook can request it from Galatea and then write a review for Galatea).
Tonight, I'll be hand designing a few more Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbooks, in order to prepare the latest order for mailing and have a few more in stock.
Tonight might be a good time to acquire yourself a copy of a Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook!

The Blood Pudding Press shop is HERE - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress


Blood Pudding Press chapbooks!

Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbooks at the Blood Pudding Press book fair table at the Columbus State Writer's Conference, this past Saturday May 5, 2018.

Blood Pudding Press chapbooks are always available within the Blood Pudding Press shop HERE -https://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress


NEW in Rag Queen Periodical! - 'Ripped Gills Atomized into Lightning" by Juliet Cook & j/j hastain

"We both collapse at the same time
and upon awakening into
an uncanny network of live lights,
we see the tightrope
turning into razor wire."

inside the poem "Ripped Gills Atomized into Lightning" by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain, which appears inside the NEW Rag Queen Periodical - ISSUE ONE: SELF Cadaver!

I'll link to the whole issue below and then I'll link to j/j and I's poem below that!

Looking forward to reading this whole issue!

"Ripped Gills Atomized into Lightning" - 


Happy May! (This Saturday May 5, Blood Pudding Press will have a Book Fair table at the Columbus State Writer's Conference)

Happy May!

This Saturday May 5, from 10 to 3, Blood Pudding Press will have a Book Fair table at the Columbus State Writer's Conference.

The conference is free and open to the public with no advanced registration required, so if you live in the area, come check it out, and consider buying poetry (chap)books from Blood Pudding Press, The Poet's Haven Press, Whiskey Island, and other participants.


The New April flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is here!

"Whether in the Black Lodge, Screaming outside - worm lips moving - I’ve earned those black hearts on my headdress - there’s been an accident on the road ahead and all you can see are the lights - You celebrate angrily - Full of nothing But male doms On FetLife - A man with tattoos of stars and moons on his face - breathless wind of dust and waning moons - Only buzzards fly in these stale skies - Rusty lava in the arteries not the lamp - I really did believe those were tiny people encased in that orb - Don't forget to celebrate this doom anniversary - the eyes of the deceased being carried away down some tunnel - Whatever it was, it was everywhere now, shared around, not just personal."
The April flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived! Brimming with strange new suns and moons and peculiar tunes of art/poetry by Eileen Mish Murphy, Wayne F. Burke, Thursday Simpson, Nate Maxson, Vin Whitman, John Grey, and Michael A. Griffith.
Keys #3 (MISH)